At the First Step House we are a group of volunteers committed to providing free, short-term, food and housing to low income and indigent alcoholics as they make a new beginning in sobriety.

We need your help to fulfill our vital, life-saving mission!

Your donation will help us provide a safe, supportive home for men who have nowhere else to go. Our home is free to those who need us and is run entirely by trained volunteers.

Please donate today. We are a tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.  Your donations are tax deductible.

Who We Are

Our mission and purpose is help low-income and indigent alcoholic men make a new beginning in sobriety.

Our Values

  • Privately Funded: We are 100% privately funded to preserve autonomy and ensure proper focus.
  • Volunteers: Volunteers are the heart of our program. Our home is run by an all-volunteer committee of sober, kind, and devoted men.
  • Service to others: We are devoted to helping the down and out – indigent men who have nowhere else to go.

Our Board of Directors

  • Keith Mcguire – Chairman of The Board
  • Rebecca Pine – President
  • Frank Grangetto – Secretary
  • Ivar Leetma – Vice President
  • Steve Gerick – Treasurer
  • Pat Hurley – Director
  • Mark Hoadley – Director

The House

We provide a safe, supportive alchohol and drug-free environment for men to make a new beginning in sobriety.

Contact Us

Please fill out the form below and one of our fellow volunteers will respond soon – or call us at (760) 230-9353.